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As a person gets out of high school, there are different career paths they can take. You can enroll at a traditional university, you can get into a trade school, you can get a full-time job, you could join the military, or you could do a host of other things. But getting a college degree is probably the safest route to take.

There are many really expensive universities out there. There are also plenty of very affordable community colleges. But there are other colleges that are in the middle -- not cheap, but not too expensive. And there are even online schools too. A site like Online Degree Schools can help you find what you're looking for.

A few education and career fields you could consider are graphic arts, accounting and photography. Graphic arts and design can be a really terrific field for individuals with some strong artistic skills, but yet don't have the aspirations to be a full-time artist. talks about this more.

Accounting is one of the most stable professions. And you can even take quite a few courses online now too. Because accounting majors are being prepared to sit for the CPA exam after graduation, colleges really require a lot of their accounting students in the area of coursework. Find out if you have what it takes to earn an accounting degree.

Lots of people enjoy taking photographs, but not many people end up making a living at doing it. Taking and producing photographs can be a great job, but it is also tough because there is a lot of competition from others that want to do it as well. There is also a wide variety of potential jobs for photographers. A site like can help you out.

Web design is a field that interests a lot of people, because it is creative, yet there is still a strong demand for qualified individuals. Web development professionals can find work in any city. Academia has articles about this.

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