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One of the growing school and career fields is the broad area of criminal justice. Criminal justice loosely includes education and careers ranging from private security and investigation firms to local law enforcement, and from federal law enforcement agencies to government and private law firm support. You can find short diploma programs in criminal justice as well as college degrees at the graduate level. You just have to choose which specific area is your interest. Kentucky students can browse their options.

Having a business degree on your resume never hurt anyone. If you can't decide upon a college major, you could always start in business and change later if you have to. Most areas of business are pretty interesting. If you aren't into accounting or finance, you may find marketing and sales to be your thing. And you could also major in general business administration or management, where you essentially take classes in all of the specialty fields. Read more about management and business administration classes.

Most students will earn an undergraduate degree in business and stop there, but a few ambitious students will keep on with their formal education. They don't need to actually finish an MBA degree, but it's good to show employers your commitment to maintaining a high degree of education and current training.

Kentucky students can also go off to college. One of the best cities to earn a degree in (especially an IT or technical degree) is Seattle. Seattle, as well as the rest of the West Coast, is home to a large percentage of online and tech-based businesses. The weather during the school year is usually a bit wet (so you end up being inside studying), but the summers are usually really nice. Read more about colleges in Seattle.

Or you could just keep on going -- enroll at a college in Vancouver or Montreal or Toronto. Canada has some great university experiences.

Other university or college possibilities and try to find programs in subjects like elementary education, economics, fashion, and geography.
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Career suggestions and various higher education plans normally include first-rate online university training.

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