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Most Kentucky high school graduates enroll at a traditional four-year college or enter a community college with the intention of transferring to another college after two years while they pursue earning an undergraduate degree. Earning a bachelor's degree in arts or sciences is still the best first step most students can take.

One career field that has really come to the forefront of awareness during the past decade is criminal justice. There are plenty of various jobs and careers available in the broad area of criminal justice, from local law enforcement, to federal law enforcement, to security services, to border security and positions in the legal prosecution area.

There is a wide assortment of college majors at the bachelor's degree level. It's a hard choice for most students to make, but it's an important choice and one you should devote a good amount of time to. You can look into all the different college major choices before you decide.

One common major is business. Majoring in business is a pretty safe and solid choice. A business degree can prepare a young person for any number of possible entry level positions depending upon which area of business they concentrated in. If you are considering a management major, sites such as can help you decide.

Information technology is another safe career choice. Leaving college with a bachelor's of science degree in information technology or computer science is a really great item to have on your resume. And there are several different areas in IT that you can focus on, depending upon your interests and skills. You can read more about it.

You can always take another path. You could enroll at a vocational or technical school and take classes in just what you need to succeed in your first trade or service-related job. Or you could enroll at a specialty school, such as music, dance or culinary arts.

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